sauna & spa

Sauna & spa

We offer our guests memorable sauna experiences.
In Saana you can bathe in Finnish saunas, relax in pools and swim year-round.

Sauna & spa

NOTE! Please take into account that we have a limited number of lockers, to ensure entrance reserve a ticket in advance.

Our spa has a 30-seat mixed-gender sauna, an indoor hot tub, two waterfall showers, an experience shower and heated loungers. The outdoor area of the spa has a smoke sauna and two heated pools.

Spa prices: Sun–Thu €16/person and Fri–Sa €19/person. The fee allows a two-hour stay in our spa area. The price of the spa entry ticket includes a cloth towel for the sauna bench. You can bring your own bath towel or rent one from us for €4. Using your own spa sandals is allowed. Same applies for a bathrobe.

All of our saunas are mixed-gender saunas which means using a swimsuit outside changing rooms is obligatory. Consuming alcohol in our spa is allowed only in the lounge and terrace areas. Taking drinks to showers, saunas or pools is strictly forbidden. Bringing own drinks or food to any areas in Saana is forbidden. As we serve alcohol at the sauna & spa under aged people are allowed in during the weekdays till 5 p.m. and can bathe till 7 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays get in till 3 p.m. and bathe till 5 p.m..

Please remember to shower before entering the sauna area. After visiting the smoke sauna, it is important to wash yourself before entering the pools or other saunas.

You can enter the spa area and changing rooms with a wristband that is also used for locking your freely chosen locker. You can save money to the wristband and use it for purchasing items in all points of sale in Saana. Please remember to return the wristband at the service counter after you have finished bathing. The changing rooms have a return point for the sauna bench towels and rental bath towels.

Please take into account that, as we have a limited number of lockers, you may have to wait entry to the spa at peak periods.

VIP sauna

Our VIP sauna can be reserved for groups of up to 20 people. VIP sauna rent €420 / 2,5 hours. Additional time exceeding the 2,5 hours costs €100 per each beginning new hour. The fee includes bath towels and bathrobes for the whole group.

In addition to all of our other spa services, renting the VIP sauna provides you your own private sauna, lounge and terrace. You can watch television, listen to music and hold meetings. The lounge and terrace of the VIP sauna are part of the drinking area which means it is possible to order drinks and food there from our restaurant.

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