Restaurant Saana

Our restaurant invites you to enjoy a multitude of diverse culinary experiences. The dishes have been generated from high-quality raw materials. We use local producers always when possible. We offer versatile and delicious menus, dishes and lunch as well as a wide assortment of beverages. Your culinary experiences are conjured up by Timo Kuhmonen

We bid you warmly welcome to the world of culinary experiences!

Restaurant Saana’s menu

Restaurant Saana’s lunch

Mon–Fri 11 a.m.–2 p.m. Price 13,50€, children under 10 years 7,50€.
Flavourful  lunch with bread, coffee and small dessert.

Please contact our staff for information on special diets and allergies. We want to offer suitable options to all our customers and we are willing to take into account any special diets and allergies. We appreciate it if you can tell us about possible special diets or allergies beforehand when you are making your table reservation. Welcome to feast on amazing food!

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