Why Saana?

Saana is a fell in Finnish Lapland. It is also a word in the Finnish Savo dialect and means sauna. However, Saana in the city of Kuopio is much more than a plain sauna. We do have three of those as well, but they represent only a small part of the impressive range of services we offer.

In Saana you can indulge all your senses. Our restaurant leans heavily on locally grown food to offer you a wide spectrum of spectacular tastes, and our pools pamper your skin together with the gentle steam of our saunas. You can also enjoy the magnificent view from our restaurant and terraces and be enthralled by the nostalgic scent of our smoke sauna mixing subtly with the exquisite aromas from our kitchen.

You can come to Saana to refresh yourself, nourish your body and soul, relax, celebrate and to hold a meeting or seminar. We are also happy to tailor special theme days for you and your group with our large network of partners. Right next door to us you can find several adventure services, a high-quality gym and group-fitness room, an indoor karting track as well as a multi-training centre, sports equipment rental shop, mini-golf course and a brewery that offers tours. In addition, Lake Kallavesi provides a terrific setting for different boat cruises, canoeing trips or for example standup paddleboarding polo.

We at Saana aim to provide you and your group a magnificent time and memorable moments whether you are just dropping in or spending the entire day in the area.

You are warmly welcome – Saana and its saunas are waiting for you!

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