opening hours

Opening hours


Saana restaurant open 11-14 (lunch)

Saana Spa open 11-20


Saana restaurant 11 – 21 (kitchen open 21)

Saana Spa and Bar 11-21


Saana restaurant 11 – 23 (kitchen open 22)

Saana Spa 11-22



Saana restaurant 12 – 23 (kitchen open 22)

Saana  Spa 11-22



Saana Brunch in restaurant 12 and 14

Saana Spa and Bar 12-18

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Please take into account that, as we have a limited number of lockers, you may have to wait entry to the spa at peak periods. After 5 p.m., the age limit to the sauna & spa is 18 years.

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